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Betty Hanssen has devoted a substantial portion of her life to working in the glass arts. Growing up near Corning NY and watching the local glass blowers create beautiful art glass objects and Steuben Glass was very inspiring at a young age. In the early 80s she started making fine stained glass windows and learned the art of fusing glass and kiln work. It was not until later that she discovered lampworking and the new craft of artisan glass beads. In 2003 she took up the torch and started working full time in this challenging but exciting craft. The complexity of her beads have evolved over time with the use of metals and new glass. She loves working with metal foils and leaf that create chemical reactions in the glass and that push the limits with these small glass objects. Her beads have been sought after by jewelry designers looking for unique components and elements in their creative work. Her greatest inspiration comes from nature and translating naturally inspired ideas into these small realistic and fantasy forms for fun and wear.

Betty lives in Warren, RI and currently works out of her studio located in one of the old mill building in town.

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